Keune’s Design Silver Reflex range has everything you need to preserve blonde hair’s gorgeous cool tones. Silver Reflex Conditioner is tailor-made for platinum, silver, white and ashy blonde locks in need of a little extra love. Violet pigments neutralize those pesky yellow tones, while cationic conditioners, panthenol, and conditioning proteins keep the hair strong, smooth and moisturized. Silver Reflex Conditioner is the perfect addition to a toning routine. But it’s not just great for platinum, silver, white, and ashy blondes – it’s also very well suited for highlighted hair and grey hair, whether natural or chemical.


Keeps blonde tones cool while deeply nourishing the hair. 

Added Vitamin B moisturizes.

Conditioning proteins nourish and strengthens.

Violet pigments neutralize undesired yellow, brassy tones.

Design Silver Reflex Conditioner

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    Use it after shampooing, let it soak in a little, and then rinse thoroughly. Voilà! The hair is left super soft, smooth, and detangled. Thanks to the added vitamin B, dry hair is thoroughly moisturized, while conditioning proteins nourish and strengthen. Violet pigments neutralize undesired yellow, brassy tones. 

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